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Assault: Unit and Artwork Book

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Get more detailed info for all units in the Assault Game System!


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Get more detailed info for all units in the Assault Game System!

Since we didn’t just want to make a “picture book”, we spiced it up with all the unit stats, a historical classification and tactical tips. You could directly compare the different units and thus plan your tactics better.

That was still not enough for us and we thought a few additional scenarios would fit in well.

Take a closer look here:

The book contains:

– 60 lovely illustrated and full colored pages with all 44 different units (incl. all stretch goal units)

– Full of historical facts

– Unit data

– Tactical notes

– New historical scenarios



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  1. Nate Rogers


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  2. Thomas C.


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    Wolfgang, great game! A few suggestions! expansion! 1Stalingrad 2 Kursk 3 North Africa 4 Normandy etc. in small expansions or new releases.
    By the way I’m a 79-year-old Sgt in USMC have gaming for some time Please contact me if you want some input to the American market, I have an extensive background after my time in the service. Dick


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  4. TYLER


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  5. Anonymous


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