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Assault Game System: Red Horizon 41

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Your copy of the new tactical wargame system Assault Red Horizon 41


It is the end of June, when the German Wehrmacht begins the largest land operation in World War II, the Operation Barbarossa. More than four million German soldiers are in their initial positions on the eastern borders of the German Reich. The strategic objective is the capital Moscow. For a successful operation, the attack must be quick and strong. To achieve this, the crossing of the numerous rivers is of great importance.

Assault – Red Horizon 41 is the first volume in a planned series of tactical level wargames in which players lead historical units into battle during Operation Barbarossa (June through October 1941). A Clash of Titans – the German Army and the Soviet Army fighting one another in a life and death struggle with infantry, artillery and armored units.”

Lead your historical units into battle. Fight one another in a life and death struggle with infantry, artillery and tanks.


This Box (3.2 kg / 7lbs) is full of tactical wargame goodies and includes:

  • Nine double sided geomorphic maps
  • Approximately 600+ beautiful counters
  • 44 different unit types
  • 58 different formation cards
  • 42 command cards used to bring in leaders and heroes behavior
  • Assault Game System rulebook
  • Scenariobook with 15 challenging Scenarios
  • Historical based dynamic campaign system: “Crossing the Narew” including 17 Scenarios
  • 16 customized dice
  • Players aid and a lot more fun



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Größe 43 × 31 × 8 cm

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  3. Nothing negative to say. Great game, great people.




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