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You are welcome! Support our Gamefound campaign and gain very special terms and conditions. After our first success with Assault Red Horizon 41 and its expansion, we are now continuing with Assault Sicily 43. We were able to gain a lot of experience during the realization of our first project. One important experience is that […]

Game Session with Zilla Blitz!

Such a great game session with Sicily 43 Many thanks to Mike aka Zilla Blitz (Zilla´s Youtube)  for this really exciting Session. We played with the Assault Sicily 43 online module for the Table Top Simulator (On Target (pre-production version): This was because Mike is preparing his online content for our upcoming western front […]

300+ Subscribers! Assault Sicily 43 go!

Assault Sicily 43 go! We have crossed the 300 subscribers on our Gamefound preview page. Thanks to everyone who contributed! Still a long way but we get it! Just keep spreading the word for this new Assault module!    

Wargames that tells stories!

Wargames that tells stories! The wounded cat. Sicily, 11 July 1943. Immediately after the Allied landing at Gela became known, the Heavy Armoured Section 504 with its 17 Tiger tanks set off from the staging area at Caltagirone on the direct route to the coast. Together with units of the 15th Panzergrenadier Division, they were […]

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