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The Supporters

Development Support:

  • Mark M. (USA), Translation of the Ruleset, VASSAL Design, Playtest

“I am a relative newcomer to wargaming, only about a year and a half now. Most of the gaming I had done in the past was on PC (Sid Meier stuff…Civilization, Pirates, etc.) and console games (PS 2/3). But I am enjoying this new Golden Age of wargaming that we are currently living in and I guess I’m trying to make up for lost time by jumping headlong into the hobby.

I came into the project after skimming through the war-games section of BGG. I saw that Wolfgang was looking for assistance putting together an English version of the Assault! rulebook so i decided to volunteer. I thought it would be a fun challenge (and an opportunity to freshen up on my German haha), but more importantly I was excited to be part of the game development process and to help make Assault 41 a reality!”

  • Jim F. (UK), Lectorat of the Ruleset and all other Documents



  • Robert “Smitty” Smith (USA)
  • Dominik H. (Germany)
  • Uwe E. (Philippines)
  • Christian R. (Germany)
  • Christoph T. (Germany)
  • Arvid B. (Germany)
  • Daniel H. (Germany)
  • Sascha S. (Germany)
  • Christoph S. (Germany)
  • Thomas K. (Germany)
  • Martin Z. (Germany)
  • Wolfgang B. (Germany)
  • Andreas B. (Germany)
  • Detlef Q. (Germany)
  • Richard H.K. (Germany)
  • Simone P. (Germany)
  • Andreas B. (Germany)

Other Supporters:

  • Sean M. (France)
  • David H. (USA)
  • Eric T. (USA)
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