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Artists are silent Heroes…

A few words from Ingrid…our Artist:

Ingrid is a great stroke of luck for our project. As life goes, I met her years ago through a friend and got her interested in the project. In the meantime she is supported by her husband (Michael, also a talented artist) from time to time to finish the many works.  Before Christmas I asked her a few questions. You can find her answers here:


Why are you doing this for this project?

I first became curious about the project through the human component. After I got to know the initiator of the project, Wolfgang, I could no longer resist his idea. His passion for wargames and the ambition to create something innovative (and simply the best possible!) for the gaming community simply infected me. The project also brings together motivated and creative people from different countries: this personal exchange inspires me and allows for constant constructive feedback in the development process. Moreover, working together with the developers is just fun and that’s what it’s all about in the end.

So I decided to take the time to give Wolfgang’s game a very personal touch.

What was the challenge for you?

At first, the genre was completely new territory for me (I’m a woman :D), but I was still curious (especially about the big machines xD). Besides, after rather small commissions, this was my first big project with many individual illustrations plus a complete set of map tiles. First of all, a gigantic mountain of work, because the game artwork really had to be historically accurate down to the smallest details and at the same time as “fresh” as possible. Of course, the whole thing has to follow a conceptual and stylistic stringency. Challenge accepted!

Why you have choosen this kind of artwork?

The artwork represents a combination of Wolfgang’s ideas, the classic wargame approach, historical photographs and, of course, my own imprint. Admittedly, it took a bit of time to work through all of this and to create a coherent mixture. But what was most important to me: a bit of wit, charm and cartoonish exaggeration in the characters should give the game an individual and appealing look.

Thank you Ingrid and Michael for your great work. Without you, this project would not be nearly as beautiful to look at!



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