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AAR from Panzers Digest Magazine

Testround at Panzer Digest Magazine.

Robert “Smitty” Smith is currently testing our Prototype of Assault – Red Horizon 41 (from July 2017) through its paces. We are very pleased about the positive Feedback so far. In any case Robert is very fond of our fast paced Dice system.

Here are a few impressions by Smitty:

I did tactical much of my life so tactical games for years had little appeal to me.

But this one is a nice fit between say Gary Graber’s system and LNL – without getting into Academy’s ones or PzGrendadier.

I’ve gone to it’s fun and ok to this has something special about it.

The combat system is fast and never fiddly. I can’t tell you fully why and how it works at one level but it just flows.

You can find the whole report here: Panzers Digest Assault – Red Horizon 41

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