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Markers versus Minis

“Oh dear!”, I thought on the last train ride to Nuremberg. After all, I only wanted to go to the museum with my wife and my friend Michael along with his wife. But hardly on the train the subject of Assault – Red Horizon 41 came up. Actually, the game is nearing completion. There would only be one publisher to be found. There were already interested parties.

“No problem!”, I thought. But the discussion went in a different direction.


The result: “We postpone publication with pure cardboard markers and check the option for 3D miniatures (vehicles, infantry and artillery).”
“Well then with a crowdfunding campaign!”
The idea was great. More work in sight.

 Last Saturday it was time. In the short term, I had a buddy printed a first model.

Am letzten Samstag war es dann soweit. Kurzfristig konnte ich mir bei einem Kumpel ein erstes Modell drucken lassen.

Alone and leave the StuGIIIE model

Mini vs. Marker

The discussion was sparked. “Wow!”, We thought. “That could be good!”.


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