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[:de]Hier kannst Du Berichte zu unseren Testspielen lesen.[:en]Here you can read reports about our test games.[:]

Game Session with Zilla Blitz!

Such a great game session with Sicily 43 Many thanks to Mike aka Zilla Blitz (Zilla´s Youtube)  for this really exciting Session. We played with the Assault Sicily 43 online module for the Table Top Simulator (On Target (pre-production version): This was because Mike is preparing his online content for our upcoming western front […]

[:de]Panzer Digest Review unseres Prototypen (Stand Mitte 2017)[:en]Panzer Digest Review of our Prototype (built mid 2017)[:]

[:de]Robert “Smitty” Smith hat unseren Prototypen aus dem Jahre 2017 gespielt und einen Report erstellt. Hier könnt ihr mehr über das Assault System und Smitty´s Gedanken erfahren. Herzlichen Dank an Robert Smith. Review: Assault – Red Horizon 41 Prototype by Panzers Digest [:en]Robert “Smitty” Smith played our prototype from 2017 and made a report. Here […]

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