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[:en]Clarification on our shipping prices to the USA[:]


Clarification on our shipping prices to the USA / Canada.

Because we want to be transparent.

DHL has extremely increased the shipping costs to the USA. The prices for shipping a box up to 5 kg (approx. 11 lbs) has been raised from €36.99 to €47.99 ($38.56 to $50).

As our customers in the USA / Canada are very important to us, we will not pass this on. We support the shipping price with 15€ (ca. $15.64) per box so that it can stay at 33€ (ca. $34).

For us as a new and small publisher, this is a big cut in our planning. Nevertheless, this has become a dear hobby and we will continue it.

We have also looked into shipping larger quantities from Germany to a re-seller in the USA. But unfortunately the shipping costs for a pallet of games, for example, are so expensive that we would have to give the games away completely.

Should we decide to publish a reprint of Red Horizon 41 or even a new module, we will try to find direct shipping within North America.



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